Existing STEM Ambassadors

What is the requirement of me as a STEM Ambassador?

Only requirement is to carry out 1 activity per year.  If you carry out any STEM related activity you need to update your activity on your profile.   This is the only way we know whether someone has carried out an activity.

What counts as an activity?

Its quite simple really...   

  • The activity must be FREE of charge to schools and young people.
  • It must be STEM related in some shape or form and
  • Must be aimed at young people ages 3-18.

Where do I log my activity?

On your profile, which can be accessed HERE

What happens if I don't manage to carry out the one activity in a 12 month period?

Quite simply your profile will become inactive and records will be archived, and you will not be able to log in. You will also stop receiving communications from us.  It's important you keep your profile up to date, with activities and also your personal details.

Six Easy Steps to finding activities on the national platform

STEM Ambassador Resources/Loan Kits

At the East of Scotland Hub, we have a number of physical resources that STEM Ambassadors can borrow to help carry out activities.

These can be borrowed on a loan basis from the Hub, and collected from our office in Dunfermline.

If you would like to know more, please contact Kevin McKeever at the Hub

Qty Available- 4

Qty Available- 2

Qty Available- 1

Lego WeDo 2.0 Set- 1 avail

Primary Engineer Books- 2 boxes avail

Qty Available- 1 

Classroom Knex Kits - 

Avail - 8 (age 3+)

KNEX Roller Coaster

Qty Available - 4

Hot Wires

Qty Available - 3

Rube Goldberg

Trick Test Challenge - 1 avail

Ozobot Robot

1 available

Sick Science Fast Physics

2 available

Lego Education 9686-396

piece- 2 available

KNEX Education Maker Kit

863 pieces- 2 available

Additional Training for Approved STEM Ambassadors

For details of additional training available for approved STEM Ambassadors please click HERE to visit our training page 


If you wish to be covered for the STEM Ambassador insurance for specific planned activities, workshops, events please get in touch by emailing us at ambassadors@fife.ac.uk in advance of the activity. Please include the date of the activity, brief description, number of pupils, school or venue etc.

Insurance cannot be backdated.


STEM Ambassador impact tool guidance

The STEM Ambassador Impact tool has been developed as a quick and easy method of collecting data about the impact your engagement has on the young people involved. Young people will mark their agreement to four statements about engagement, aspirations, skills and careers using a 4-point scale (shown in the picture below).

Using the target

There are a number of ways to use the tool to collect data from young people and you should use the method most appropriate for your engagement. However you choose to collect the data, the young people involved should always respond at the end of the engagement or activity.

It is recommended that you print one impact target and allow the young people to mark their agreement to each statement directly onto the printout using pens or stickers. If possible, you should distinguish between males and females by using different coloured pens/stickers (please avoid pink and blue).Depending on group size, 1 per table could work better!

Click HERE to access a PDF copy of the target 

  • If you need copies printed and don't have printer access, please get in touch with the Hub and we will happy to help
  • Feel free to send completed impact targets directly to the Hub for collation 

Feedback Postcards for STEM Ambassadors 

We also have feedback postcards we can provide you with as a STEM Ambassador which act as a useful way for young people to capture feedback on their experience engaging with STEM Ambassadors.

If you would like copies of these, please get in touch in touch



Curriculum in Scotland

As a STEM Ambassador, no one expects you to be an expert on the Curriculum.  The role of a STEM Ambassador is to inspire young people in STEM subjects, providing expertise that is not always readily available in the classroom.   STEM Ambassadors bring learning alive in the classroom, often using a real life context or application in industry or the world of work.

The teacher is the one responsible for delivering Curriculum For Excellence, and interpreting how they can meet E&O's (Curriculum For Excellence Experiences & Outcomes), and how STEM Ambassadors can help compliment the teaching and delivery.

More information on Curriculum For Excellence can be found HERE

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