Existing STEM Ambassadors 

What is the requirement of me as a STEM Ambassador?

Only requirement is to carry out 1 activity per year.  If you carry out any STEM related activity, you either need to update your activity on your profile or get in touch with us to let us know and we can update the activity for you.   This is the only way we know whether someone has carried out an activity.

What counts as an activity?

Its quite simple really...   

  • The activity must be FREE of charge to schools and young people.
  • It must be STEM related in some shape or form and
  • Must be aimed at young people ages 3-18.

Where do I log my activity?

On your profile, which can be accessed HERE

What happens if I don't manage to carry out the one activity in a 12 month period?

Quite simply your profile will become inactive and records will be archived, and you will not be able to log in. You will also stop receiving communications from us.  It's important you keep your profile up to date, with activities and also your personal details.

Post Activity STEM Ambassadors Evaluation 

Have you carried out an activity in the last year?   How did it go?   Make your view count!

After every activity you undertake, please remember to complete the online evaluation- It only takes around 5 minutes to complete and is simple.  Click HERE to the evaluation :- 

Thanks for your time!

STEM Ambassador online CPD is now live

STEM Ambassadors can now book onto the programme of four free online CPD activities that we have created especially for them. Designed to help them plan and carry out effective STEM activities, the courses will equip them with the skills and confidence to inspire young people in STEM subjects and careers.

The four courses can be taken flexibly, each lasting two weeks. Courses become available on the dates below, and STEM Ambassadors can book onto each course throughout the year via FutureLearn:

Inspiring young people in STEM (full programme)

Inspiring young people in STEM: resources and diversity – 15 January 2018 

Inspiring young people in STEM: planning activities – 29 January 2018 

Inspiring young people in STEM: activities and improving communication – 7 May 2018

Inspiring young people in STEM: using feedback to improve – 21 May 2018

STEM Ambassadors Insurances 2017/18

If you wish to be covered for the STEM Ambassador insurance for specific planned activities, workshops, events please get in touch by emailing us at ambassadors@fife.ac.uk in advance of the activity. Please include the date of the activity, brief description, number of pupils, school or venue etc.

Insurance cannot be backdated.

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