Events & Requests for STEM Ambassadors

Braeview Academy, Dundee- STEM Ambassador support for S1 pupils

Teacher Stewart Fyffe at Braeview Academy, Dundee has been in touch looking for STEM Ambassador support.

Every Friday afternoon, Braeview Academy Science department are running activities to promote Science careers to our S1 pupils. They are looking for STEM ambassadors from various fields to come in and work with their pupils. They would love a combination of hands on activities as well as talks to help our pupils understand the amazing opportunities that exist in the field of Science. 

If you can help, the school would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact Stewart Fyffe 

Talks to Biological Science Students, Forth Valley College, Falkirk

Tuesday afternoons between 2pm and 3pm

We have received a request for STEM Ambassador support from Fiona Jackson, Curriculum Manager at Forth Valley College, Falkirk.

Similar to the last few years, with the new academic term underway, Fiona is looking for STEM Ambassadors who would be willing to deliver a STEM related/Science talk to the new group of Applied Biological Sciences students.

The sessions will run on a Tuesday afternoon for the coming months, between 2pm and 3pm.   If this is your background, and would like to give a talk on what you do, your career path, Fiona would be delighted to hear from you.    Motivational speakers or novices are welcome.

If you can help, please contact Fiona Jackson

STEM Ambassador Support for Health Sector Class:  Braes High School, Falkirk


We have received a request from Louise Robinson who is a teacher at Braes High School, Falkirk.   Louise is looking for support from STEM Ambassadors with knowledge and experience in the Life Science industry sector.  She received support from several STEM ambassadors last year and their input was extremely valuable and much appreciated.

Louise would like ambassadors to visit Braes High School after the summer holidays (between August 2018 and April 2019) to speak to an S4/5 Health Sector class.  Ideally this would take place on a Friday morning when they have a double period but Louise will also have the class for a single period on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.  In terms of time commitment on the day, a slot of 30 minutes to one hour would be good.

The National 4 Health Sector course is for pupils who are interested in a career in the health field.  The course covers generic employability skills and the role of various professionals in the health sector.

The aims of the STEM Ambassador support sessions are:

  • to promote their role and responsibilities
  • the qualification/training that they undertook
  • to capture student interest in the Life Sciences sector
  • help pupils encourage a good work ethic
  • highlight care values/confidentiality/infection control
  • discuss their practical experiences and health and safety aspects
  • the range of products made by the life sciences, if applicable

If you are willing and able to support this event, please contact Louise Robinson for further information via:

Activity Date

Commencing August 2018 (after the summer holidays)

Pupil Age Group

S4 & S5:  15 - 16 Years  

STEM Ambassador Support Request:  Laboratory Science National 5 Class at Braes High School, Falkirk


Jenny Quinlan, who is a teacher at Braes High School in Falkirk, has been in touch to request STEM Ambassador support for the Laboratory Science National 5 that she is teaching again next year.

Jenny is looking for STEM ambassadors from all walks of life to visit the class as guest speakers.  Jenny is keen to get the STEM ambassadors to visit the school because they were so good last year and she couldn’t praise them highly enough.  Jenny is not expecting any visitors before the summer break but is keen to make links so hopefully we could start up a programme of visitors from August.

The class is time tabled for double period on a Wednesday morning, so if visits could be scheduled to coincide it would be ideal.  There are 14 pupils in the class and they are all S5-S6 so ages are spread from 16-18 years.

If you are willing to support this request, or would like to get further information, please contact Jenny directly via:

STEM Ambassador Support Request:  STEM Careers at Warddykes Primary School, Arbroath


Jennifer Sanderson, teacher at Warddykes Primary School in Arbroath is working towards developing STEM Capital for the infant part of the school, with the possibility of extending this into upper years.They are looking to get people in with a STEM background to talk to the kids during assembly about what you do and how you got there (potentially showing off anything you have made).

Jennifer commented “they are not from the most affluent of backgrounds so the children really don’t know much about these types of careers”-

If you would be willing to make a difference, the school would love to hear from you.The assemblies run as follows:-  

P1-4 2pm to 3pm Tuesdays

P5- P7 930am-1030am Wednesdays

If you are willing to support this request, or would like to get further information, please contact Jennifer directly via:

Haddington Library- STEM Club- Term time, Thursdays 5pm-6pm

Jane McIntyre from Haddington Library was in touch interested to see if the library could get STEM Ambassador support for the Science Club they have started.

The club operates during term time, and they are looking to start it up from September.

There are approx. 11 people who attend the Science Club, ages range from 8-12 years.

They have only ran 2 sessions, and carried out activities such as making paper helicopters and making slime.

The club will take place on a Thursday evening during term time for an hour- from 5pm-6pm.

Interested in any enthusiastic STEM Ambassadors who would be willing to come to the club and help.

Contact:- Jane McIntyre above, or call 01620 820680

Maddiston Primary School, Falkirk.    Engineer support

Jackie McKay is a P3 class teacher who with her class are doing a project on their local area.  They have focused on local landmarks such as The Kelpies, Calendar House, the Falkirk Steeple, The Falkirk Wheel  etc, and is looking for a Civil Engineer (or someone who could help on this subject) to visit the 3 x Primary 3 classes to discuss the building of one or more of these structures or the civil engineering aspect.  They are particularly interested in investigating buildings and their size, strength, material used, design, and perhaps translating that to a design challenge of their own to complete.

They would love it if a STEM Ambassador with this knowledge/background could visit the school.   Ideally this term or after the October break.  Wednesday mornings or afternoons are ideal and would suit them best, but they will be flexible around your commitments.

If you can help please contact Jackie Marshall at

Tomorrow’s Engineers:  Energy Quest Workshops – Various Schools in East of Scotland

When & Where

02 October 2018              

  • West Calder High School, Limefield Lane, Polbeth, West Lothian, EH55 8BF
  • Times to be confirmed but will be a morning and afternoon session for around 60 S2 pupils at each session.

27 November 2018         

  • Larbert High School, Carrongrange Avenue, Stenhousemuir, Larbert, FK5 3BL
  • Times to be confirmed but will be a morning and afternoon session for around 30 S2 pupils at each session.

10 December 2018

  • Wallace High School, Airthrey Road, Stirling, FK9 5HW
  • Times to be confirmed but will be a morning and afternoon session each day for around 60 S2 pupils at each session.
  • Tomorrow’s Engineers have various schools across the East of Scotland - as detailed above - confirmed for their Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest workshops and STEM Ambassador support in the delivery of the workshops would be fantastic.   Tom Adams from The Smallpiece Trust will deliver the workshops, which will explore concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies.  Ambassadors can support teams of pupils through a series of activities and challenges, and excite pupils about STEM subjects and careers by sharing their own experiences.   The Energiser day starts by discussing how engineering is used throughout the world, with lots of relevant examples for them including music festivals and making food.  This would be a great point for STEM Ambassadors to say a few words about their career including what their current job involves and what steps they took to get there. The workshop then moves on to define energy and identify what activities they’ve already done that morning which have used energy. The pupils also look at the energy mix used in different countries.  Tom then moves on to the practical activity of building a battery powered car in groups.  The pupils will charge the car to different voltages, measure the distance travelled and draw a graph.  Tom will then announce a set distance for the final competition and the pupils should be able to use their graph to identify the voltage required.  STEM Ambassadors can support the groups by answering questions and giving advice (but not actually building the car for them!) and we may also need support with ‘crowd control’ depending on the size of the room and their enthusiasm to test the cars.  The sessions finish by recapping what they’ve learned and give information about careers in engineering including the various routes to get there.  This is another opportunity for STEM Ambassadors to speak about their career to the group.  The pupils are usually interested in the tasks you do in your job, what qualifications you needed as well as the hours of work and holidays! If you are willing to support this request, or if you need any more information and/or to discuss, please contact Melanie Riddell directly via:  Melanie Riddell Programme Manager - Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland  Scottish Council for Development and Industry Telephone: 01463 218667 | | @scdiYESC

STEM primary schools annual Event- Eastgate Theatre, Peebles.  

Wed 26th Sept, and Wed 3rd Oct 2018

The annual event at the Eastgate Theatre returns again for 2018.

A series of 5 parallel mini workshops will take place for Primary school children on Wednesday 26th September and Wednesday 3rd October. 

The five 45 minute sessions run from 9.30am to 2.45pm. with approx.20 pupils per session. The Event has always proved popular with STEM Ambassadors and some return each year!

If you can help or would like to know more, please contact Kath Hill -

STEAM Week- Eastertoun Primary, Armadale, West Lothian- 8th-12th Oct. Help required!

Nicola Hamilton, Class teacher at Eastertoun Primary, Armadale, West Lothian is organising a STEAM week 8th-12th October.

She appreciates this is short notice, but is desperately looking for STEM Ambassadors who would be able to help the school in any capacity during their STEAM Week, whether it be a workshop you can deliver, or general support of any kind.   

They have 12 classes from P1-P7 and cover all areas of science and technology throughout the year.

Their broad topics are :-

Suggested broad topics are
P1- properties of materials
P2- day/night
P3- flowers, life cycles
P4- forces
P5- light and sound
P6- air resistance, flight, electricity
P7- life cycles, evolution

The school are also looking for help with Coding/CDT/Technology

If you can help or to find out more please get in touch with Nicola:-

The Royal High School, Edinburgh- Female STEM Ambassador speakers- Senior Girls

October and December 2018

Teacher, and STEM Co-ordinator Katie Will from The Royal High School in Edinburgh, is organising a series of talks for senior girls, and is looking for help.

Katie would love it if any female STEM Ambassadors would be willing to support a talk to the group for around 20 mins about your professional, your motivations, the skills that you use and anything you did outside of education that benefited you in your chosen career.At the end of the talk, the girls may have some questions for you.

The school are looking to hold an event each month and are looking for volunteers for the months of October and December. You would be there for around an hour from 3.30pm on a weekday (Monday-Thursday) of your choosing. However, due to holidays and other events, the following dates would be unavailable; 4th Oct, 11th Oct, 15th-22nd Oct, 5th -18th Dec, 21st Dec.

If you are able or would like to help, please contact Katie Will, at

STEM Week:  St Marys (Leith) RC Primary School, Edinburgh;  Monday 1st to Friday 05th October 2018


Fiona McDonnell, who is a Principal Teacher at St Marys (Leith) RC Primary School, has been in touch to request STEM Ambassador support for STEM Week at the school.  Fiona would love it you were able to visit the school to talk to the children about your job – what you do and how you got there!  Fiona can be flexible around days and times throughout the week based upon your availability.

If you are willing and able to support this request, would like further information and/or to discuss, please contact Fiona directly

Loretto School, Musselburgh, East Lothian.Careers Event, Tuesday 2nd October 2018.7:30pm-9pm

Our 2018 event is set to take place on the evening of Tuesday the 2nd October and we would be delighted if you could be a part of it. The event runs from approximately 7.30-9pm, with time for setup and food provided from 5pm onwards. You will be assigned your own classroom and member of staff to help with setup- presenters have varied from informal discussions to interactive presentations depending on what works for them. Ultimately our event aim is to inspire our pupils and connect them to the employer directly. This allows them to improve networking skills with both local and global employers and ask any questions that they may have.

If you would like to support this, please contact Alexandra Opie, details below

Miss Alexandra Opie

Teacher of English, Head of Careers, Third form tutor

Loretto School

00 44 (0) 131 653 4424

Email Alexandra Opie at

Careers Workshops- Brechin High School, Thursday 25th October 2018

Depute Headteacher Alison Cormack is currently putting together a primary/secondary transition programme at Brechin High School.  She is looking for any STEM Ambassadors who would be willing to come to the school to take part in several workshops, the purpose of which is to speak to small groups of Primary 7 pupils about your job and what you do.

If you are able to help, Alison would love to hear from you- 

Mrs Alison Cormack

Depute Head Teacher, Brechin Community Campus, Duke Street,Brechin, DD9 6LB

Email Alison at

Animal Organ Dissection Workshop- Dundee Science Centre

Thursday 25th October 2018

The Dundee Science Centre are holding an animal organ Dissection event on Thursday 25 October, based on their workshop ‘The Cutting Edge’. The workshop allows P6-7 primary pupils the chance to dissect sheep lungs (using dissecting scissors). The workshop will be led by DSC staff but it would be helpful to have a few Ambassadors with background in veterinary science, zoology, medical science, or anatomy to help support the workshop and/or to discuss their careers with the pupils. The session would, again, be a full day event running from approximately 10:00am-3:00pm. We are likely to have 60-100 pupils (although actual numbers depend on bookings). If we could get, again, about a half dozen Ambassadors, that would be ideal.

During the workshop, learners will be allowed to explore the structure and function of the trachea and bronchi, functional lung tissue and the muscular tissue of the diaphragm. The workshop will also touch on some common diseases (genetic, environmental and infectious) which affect the lungs and pulmonary system to allow pupils to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing. As well as the dissection, the session may include microscopy, endoscopy and fluorescence imaging.

If you can help, please let Amanda Dobrowski at Dundee Science Centre know-

Amanda Dobrowski, STEM Learning Officer

Dundee Science Centre

Greenmarket, Dundee DD1 4QB

Direct line: 01382 868609 Switchboard:01382 228800

Routes into Employment/Speed Networking- Currie Community High School

Monday 5th November 2018- 9:30am-12:30pm

Currie Community High School will once again be running a Routes Into Employment event for their S3 year group on Monday 05th of November 2018. 

The session will run from 09:30 until 12:30 for approximately 240 S3 pupils, where in small groups, they will speak to STEM Ambassadors asking basic questions about what you do, career choices, your experience etc. 

No formal preparation is required for STEM Ambassadors, however please feel free to take along anything that you feel would help to engage the pupils, encourage them to ask questions, and enthuse them to consider a career in STEM. 

We are looking for 30 STEM Ambassadors to support this event

If you are willing and able to support this event, please email to let me know.

"Now that's what I call Careers Advice"- Forfar Academy, Thursday 8th November, 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Forfar Academy Parent Council are planning a Careers Event in their school on Thursday 8th November from 6.30-8.30pm so pupils and parents can spend an evening learning together about the world after school.

The format will consist of a number of workshops and talks on a variety of topics.Each workshop will run four times. Parents and pupils will be invited to sign-up online beforehand and will be able to attend four different workshops from the selection.The proposed topics are:

The school are specifically looking for speakers for their workshops and would really like to ask if STEM Ambassadors could help lead the talk / workshop on careers in STEM. The intent for this talk would be to share with parents and pupils the huge variety of pathways available in key STEM areas and your top tips for success.Careers in the Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

They are planning for each workshop or talk to be around 20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions or discussion. They are keen for these talks to be generic about all organisations with a focus on the skills, qualities and experiences that employers and providers commonly look for. They are really keen that the talks challenge any misconceptions that that pupils and parents may have about opportunities in the various areas, provide up-to-date advice and encourage pupils to consider pathways they may have not considered previously.Importantly, we want you to ‘tell it like it is’!

The school would love STEM Ambassadors to help suopport this event and would ask that you reply to Graeme Wallace, Depute Head Teacher, via, to let the school know whether you can take part. If you would like more information of want to discuss the talk in more detail, please feel free to give Graeme a ring on 01307 475900.

Routes into Employment-Speed Networking- Dunfermline High

Thursday 29th November 2018- 9:30am-12:30pm

Following the success of their first Routes into employment/Speed Networking event last year for their S2 year group, Dunfermline High are once again holding this event.

Takes place Thursday 29th November, from 9:30-12:30 in the school.

There are approximately 325 S2 pupils, where in small groups, they will speak to STEM Ambassadors asking basic questions about what you do, career choices, your experience etc. No formal preparation is required for STEM Ambassadors, however please feel free to take along anything that you feel would help to engage the pupils, encourage them to ask questions, and enthuse them to consider a career in STEM. 

Due to the size of the year group, we are looking for approx 40 STEM Ambassadors to support this

If you are willing and able to support this event, please email to let me know.

‘Speed Date a Scientist’:  Bathgate Academy;  Monday, 12th of November 2018

Location:         Bathgate Academy, Edinburgh Road, Bathgate, EH48 1LF

Sessions:          Morning (08:30-12:15) and Afternoon (12:15-15:25) – Please note that attendance at either the morning or afternoon sessions would be great if you cannot do both!

Premise:          Students across S2/3 year group will be in groups of three and will ask questions about your career and how you got to where you are now.  There will be a few scientists each classroom and each group questioning session will be approximately 5-10 minutes.

Tracey Bredski, who is a Chemistry teacher at Bathgate Academy, is looking for people that currently work in a job that involves science as outlined above.  It could be anything in the science field and Tracey would also welcome professionals who didn't attend university but now work in the Science community.

If you are willing to support this request, would like more information and/or to discuss, please contact Tracey directly

Careers Fair- St Paul's Academy, Dundee- Wednesday 14th November, 4pm-7pm

STEM In Context- Dundee Science Centre, Tuesday 13th November- 4:30-6:30pm

Amanda Dobrowski, STEM Learning Officer at Dundee Science Centre, is looking for STEM Ambassadors who would be willing to support their STEM in Context event taking place on Tuesday 13th November 2018, from 4:30pm-6:30pm.

She is looking for 2 STEM Ambassadors who would be willing to do a short presentation to teachers of around 20-30 mins on a project you have worked on that worked well, or engagement that was successful as a STEM Ambassador.  There is no specific theme for the evening, it's more a show and tell event of what STEM Ambassadors may be able to do to support a school.

If you are able to help, please get in touch with Amanda at the Dundee Science Centre:-

STEM Ambassador Input- SSERC Professional Development course- Wed 19th Dec

The Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) are delivering a two day professional development course to trainee Technology teachers at their premises in Dunfermline.

To make the connection between classroom teaching and the World of Work they are keen to have STEM Ambassador input on the afternoon of Wednesday 19 December from the following sectors:

  • Blacksmithing/Forge work
  • Welding
  • Sheet metal work
  • Centre lathe turning

If you work in one of these areas and would be available to speak about your job, training and current/potential employment opportunities, please contact Helen Winton directly via

STEM Ambassador Support Request:  Digital Learning Week at Fintry Primary School, Dundee; w/c 11th of February 2019


Jayne Mays, who is a teacher at Fintry Primary School in Dundee, has been in touch to request STEM Ambassador support as follows:

Jayne is organising a Digital Learning Week at Fintry Primary School and wondered if any STEM Ambassadors would be willing to visit the school on the following dates: 11th,12th,13th or 14th February 2019?  

The aim of the week is to allow the children to explore different themes linked to their digital learning experience using different types of technology and see potential career paths that use those skills learned.  The school ran this last year and the children had a brilliant week and they are hoping to make it bigger this year to allow the children to experience more.

Jayne is looking for STEM Ambassadors and local companies to visit the school to talk to the children and host workshops (if suitable) with the children at all stages where deemed appropriate.  

If you are able to help with Digital Learning Week at all, please let Jayne know and she will be happy to discuss this further with you. 

Jayne can be contacted via or via telephone on 01382 307840.Any help would be greatly appreciated by Jayne and she would be delighted to hear from you!

Routes into employment/Speed Networking- Auchmuty High School, Glenrothes

Tuesday 12th February 2019- 9:30am-12:30pm

 Auchmuty High School will once again be running a Routes Into Employment event for their S2 year group on Tuesday, 12th February 2019. The session will run from 09:30 until 12:30 for approximately 300 S2 pupils, where in small groups, they will speak to STEM Ambassadors asking basic questions about what you do, career choices, your experience etc. 

No formal preparation is required for STEM Ambassadors, however please feel free to take along anything that you feel would help to engage the pupils, encourage them to ask questions, and enthuse them to consider a career in STEM. 

We are looking for 30 STEM Ambassadors to support this event

If you are willing and able to support this event, please email 

Kirkcaldy High School- Routes into Employment/Speed Networking event-S3

Wednesday 13th March 2019, 9:30am-12:30pm

Once again, Kirkcaldy High would like to run a Speed networking event with STEM Ambassadors.   Previous years have been really successful and now wish to run this annually.

There are 200 pupils in the S3 year group this academic year, so we are looking for 25 STEM Ambassadors to come along and support this.   There is no preparation required on your part, just a case of turning up on the morning willing to speak to small groups of pupils who will meet different STEM Ambassadors on a rotational basis.

If you can help, please let us know by emailing Kevin McKeever 

Requests from Other organisations 

Calling STEM Ambassadors to support Code Clubs  

Want to inspire the next generation to get excited about computing and digital making? We’re looking for STEM Ambassadors to join a global network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for 9 to 13 year-olds in schools, libraries, and community venues.

You don’t need to be a coding genius to volunteer, you just need to be willing to learn some basic Scratch, Python, or HTML alongside your club. Code Club’s projects are easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides which help young people learn coding while creating games, animations, and websites.


There are currently over 6,000 Code Clubs in the UK reaching an estimated 90,000 young people each week. The sessions generally run for one hour per week, and the minimum commitment is 12 weeks. However, if you aren’t able to make time every week, you can team up with colleagues or friends and take turns.

Please get in touch if you want to get involved.

Contact details

Anyone interested should be sent the Code Club sign-up link

And questions should be directed to Code Club -

Arkwright Scholarships Trust: Experienced Engineers Sought as Mentors


Could you help inspire a future leader in engineering?

The Arkwright Scholarships Trust inspires future leaders in engineering by supporting high-calibre, engineering-minded students (aged 16-18) over two years, as they study for their Highers.

The Arkwright Scholarships Trust are looking for experienced engineers to mentor these bright students during a critical time in their education. This is a great opportunity to hone your mentoring skills by guiding, supporting and inspiring a young engineer. Mentees value answers to general questions such as “How can I optimise my university personal statement?” as much as they would value detailed technical insights. 

Feedback received from scholars has often stated that Mentoring, for them, was one of the most beneficial aspects of their scholarship.

Mentoring can take many forms including face-to-face meetings, support through e-mail and/or occasional telephone calls. Arkwright is flexible about the form and time that any individual mentoring relationship takes.

Becoming a Mentor can be advantageous to you, because it will contribute towards Competence Area D of UK SPEC to help you achieve chartered engineer status.

The following schools in the STEM East region have pupils participating in The Arkwright Scholarships who are seeking a mentor:

Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy
High School of Dundee, Dundee
The Community School of Auchterarder (2 pupils)
Perth Academy
Dunblane High School
Strathallan School, Perth
Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh (2 pupils)

If you are willing and able to help, would like more information or to discuss, please contact Kiran Thiara at The Arkwright Trust directly via:
Thanks in advance for your help and support!

British Academy Of Film and television arts - mentors for schools engagement


BAFTA have launched their BAFTA YGD School Resource Network – a new branch for our outreach programme taking place in 2018.
We are encouraging secondary school ICT/computing teachers and educational mentors to sign up and receive support from BAFTA YGD to introduce game design to their students.
They are looking for mentors to support this schools engagement. If you would like to know more please see the link for more info and to register

For more information you can contact Melissa Phillips at BAFTA-

Melissa Philips
Freelance Event Producer
07803 230 244

British Academy of Film and Television Arts 
195 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LN
+44 (0) 20 7734 0022

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