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I am delighted to announce that the Nuffield Research Placements Scheme will be running again next year (2019) and that online system is now live for both student and provider registrations. It would be wonderful if you and/or your colleagues would consider offering a Nuffield student placement during the summer of 2019.

Below is an overview of the scheme, it’s importance and how to register to provide a project:

As you are aware, education and business experts are warning that Scotland will not have the skilled scientific and engineering workforce it needs to meet the demand of industry unless Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are promoted as worthwhile careers and with appeal for both young women and men.  In order to address this problem, the Nuffield Research Placement Scheme aims to provide post-16 public school or college students with an opportunity to carry out research or development projects in any of the STEM-related disciplines in universities, industry, conservation or research organisations - projects need not be lab-based.  The projects can include subjects/topics such as design, engineering of all types, data science, psychology, chemistry, ecology, geography, biology, computing, conservation, applied maths etc.

The Nuffield Research Placements Scheme is now fully widening access/participation, in that we are only accepting application from pupils/students attending public schools/college who are either eligible for our bursary or first in family to attend Higher Education (not including siblings), in doing so targeting social mobility and social disadvantage. All participating students have their travel costs reimbursed.

The placements help the students to increase confidence and improve key skills including practical, communication, report-writing and presentation skills.  It also provides them with excellent experiences & skills to include on CV’s and personal statements. By working with professional scientists and engineers in a real-life environment, the students gain an invaluable insight into a wide variety of careers.

Placements take place during the summer vacation period, they are 4, 5 or 6 weeks in length (depending on your project), Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, or the days/hours your choose within these, with emphasis on that the student should treat this as a full-time project for the duration of the placement so that the quality and quantity are there to produce a good solid scientific report at the end.

Find out more information HERE

Registration for project providers is all online:

•             For recent providers - your details should be stored on the system, please let me know if you are thinking about providing a project over the summer of 2019, once you do I can go online and reactivate your account. You will then receive the invitation and be able to log in using the same login (your email address) and password as in previous years, if you have forgotten your password there is a ‘forgotten my password’ link.

•             For new providers (and those not involved in the last couple of years) willing to provide projects over the summer of 2019 – please contact me to register you on the system, once I do this you will receive an invitation email with a link with instructions. Please click on the link, login with the password provided, change the password and fill in the relevant information throughout the form.

**Once you have registered or reactivated you can access your account at the following address and I will send on information about Health and Safety, risk assessments, GDPR and also a confirmed providers guide.

At this stage I do not need finalised details of any projects, just an indication that you are considering offering a placement and perhaps an indication of the research or development area. However it would be fantastic is all providers could supply project details by the middle of March 2019 . This would help greatly with the student to project matching process.

Any problems with any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Jennifer Smith | Outreach and Researcher Development Coordinator | Nuffield Research Placements Coordinator, Scotland

Outreach and Public Engagement Network Office | Graduate School

Abertay University | Bell Street | Dundee | DD1 1HG


T: 01382 308455


Arkwright Mentoring opportunity

Inspire future engineering leaders, become an Arkwright Mentor

Want to help nurture the next generation of engineering leaders? The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, run by the Smallpeice Trust, support high-calibre aspiring engineers over two years as they study for their A-levels or Scottish Highers. They are looking for mentors from all engineering disciplines to support and guide outstanding 16-18 year olds during this critical stage in their education. 
The mentoring form and time is flexible so you can fit it around your schedule. You will be able to communicate with and support your mentee via an online portal. Scholars value the answers to general questions such as ‘What’s it like to study at university?’ as much as they would more detailed technical insights.
The only requirement is that mentors must be PVG checked. All mentors will be provided with guidance as to what to expect from the programme and receive ongoing support. 
There are currently over 60 mentees looking for a mentor. If you’re an Engineer looking to help inspire the next generation and interested in becoming an Arkwright Mentor, please contact Katie Taylor 

Balmullo Primary School, Balmullo near St. Andrews, KY16 0DH:  

Support for P2/3 STEM Project on Bridges


Pam Wilson, who is a teacher at Balmullo Primary School near St Andrews, has been in touch to request STEM Ambassador support as follows:

“My P2/3 class at Balmullo Primary have been doing a stem project about bridges.

I wondered if there was any STEM Ambassadors that would be happy to come in and talk to the children on the subject and/or do a practical workshop?  If you could visit the class any day or time in the next three weeks that would be great”

If you are willing to support this request, would like further information and/or to discuss, please contact Pam Wilson at Balmullo Primary School

Women in STEM talk- St Andrew's High, Kirkcaldy- Friday 22nd February 2019- SOS

Teacher Asha MacKay has been in touch looking for last minute STEM Ambassador help- an SOS. They have been badly let down for an event they are holding at the School, St Andrew's High in Kirkcaldy next Friday 22/2/2019. 

They are looking for any female STEM Ambassador who would be willing to come to the school and deliver a short talk about Women in STEM, what inspired you into that career and options that are available to young people. 

There are about 80 S1 and S2 pupils who will take part, and is happening between 2pm-3pm.

If you would like to help out, please contact Asha MacKay

Science Week:  St. David’s Primary School, Edinburgh:  w/c Monday 04th March 2019


We have received a request from Nikki Wright, Principal Teacher at St David’s Primary School in Edinburgh, as follows:

“Saint Davids Primary are looking for some fun and innovative STEM ambassadors to be part of our science week - 4th March 2019.  Previously we have had some fantastic ambassadors visit bringing brilliant and creative ideas to the school to broaden the children's STEM understanding.  If you have an established workshop you have already tried with children that would be best. Please could you get in touch with me if you are interested”

If you are willing to support this event or would like more information, please contact Nikki Wright directly

Warout Primary School, Glenrothes:  Careers Fayre on Friday, 08 th of March 2019, Afternoon


Principal Teacher Hazel McLure, from Warout Primary in Glenrothes has a remit to ensure that all staff are using the STEAM skillsets folder and delivering a weekly science lesson across the school.    As a school they are also looking to engage girls in STEM subjects and raise aspirations towards considering a STEAM career.    Hazel is looking for STEM Ambassador support as follows:-

Alongside this role I am responsible for organising this year’s STEM Careers Fayre which is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 8th March, coincidentally ‘International Woman’s Day’ prior to the commencement of British Science Week 9th – 17th March.  I am therefore emailing you with the hope that you can redirect my email to the appropriate people, e.g. STEM Ambassadors who could attend our Careers Fayre or perhaps give a talk or run a workshop etc.  Firstly, as it falls on ‘International Woman’s Day’ it would be fantastic to have a guest speaker who has enjoyed success in her own STEAM career and perhaps talk about it with the children. 

Secondly the theme for this year’s British Science Week is ‘Journeys’, which could be interpreted in any way but my vision at Warout is that we focus on the journey that Glenrothes has made, especially upon recently celebrating its 70th birthday, in undergoing enterprise-led regeneration, moving from a period of economic challenge to one with a strong business base and industrial innovation.  I would very much like to invite some of these entrepreneurial business people to our Careers Fayre and hoped that you would have the necessary contacts to do so or point me in the right direction.”  

If you are willing to support this event, would like more information and/or to discuss, please contact Hazel McLure at Warout Primary School.

Currie Community High School, Edinburgh- DYW Apprenticeship Event

On Monday 11th March (8.30 to 12.00) the school are having a DYW event promoting apprenticeships to their S3s.

They would love if some STEM Ambassador apprentices would be able to come along- It would be an idea opportunity while the S3 pupils are doing some activities in the hall to be able to meet STEM Ambassadors apprentices.

If you can help please email Irene Somerville

Larbert High, Speed Networking Event, S2.  Monday 11th March 2019.  9:30-12:30

Larbert High are once again holding their Speed Networking Event for S2.   They are looking for around 30 different STEM Ambassadors willing to speak to small groups of young people about careers, subject choices.  You can bring examples of your work and any short activities, or handouts.

If you can support this please contact Abigail Clayton

Kirkcaldy High School- Routes into Employment/Speed Networking event-S3

Wednesday 13th March 2019, 9:30am-12:30pm

Once again, Kirkcaldy High would like to run a Speed networking event with STEM Ambassadors.   Previous years have been really successful and now wish to run this annually.

There are 200 pupils in the S3 year group this academic year, so we are looking for 25 STEM Ambassadors to come along and support this.   There is no preparation required on your part, just a case of turning up on the morning willing to speak to small groups of pupils who will meet different STEM Ambassadors on a rotational basis.

If you can help, please let us know by emailing Kevin McKeever 

Science Week & STEM Industry Showcase:  Allan’s Primary School, 29 Spittal Street, Stirling, FK8 1DU;  w/c 11th of March 2019


“I am co-ordinating science week within the school and I am looking for support from STEM Ambassadors as follows:

  • 1.As part of Science Week we are holding a ‘STEM Industry Showcase’ on Wednesday, 13th March 2019, with the idea that it would be a great to let our P4–7 pupils (aged 7-12) know about the possibilities that are open to them in the STEM world.  We are looking for a range of careers - from mechanics, to scientists, to research, to technical ………….the list is endless and I thought that a STEM ambassador would be an ideal representative of STEM industries. 

The event will run from 13:15 – 15:15 and during the session, we are looking for 20 minute presentations with time for questions that is repeatable for four sessions, to enable pupils to rotate over their four chosen seminars.  There will be some computers available if you want to do a PowerPoint presentation but just talking or including props is fine too.  It would be great if you could talk about your job, what it entails on a day to day basis, the skills needed, and how you got into your chosen career. Please let me know if you can help, or know someone that could!

  • 2.I would love if STEM ambassador(s) could visit during the week to deliver a couple of workshops to the P1–P3 year groups.  Ideally these would take place on Monday the 11th or Tuesday, 12th of March 2019, but I can be flexible to accommodate your availability.”

If you are willing to support this request, or you would like further information/to discuss, please contact Heather Shrimpton at Allan’s Primary School.

STEM Careers Event for P4-P7 Pupils:  Letham Primary School, Livingston,  Friday, 15th March 2019, 09:30 – 11:30


“I am looking for STEM Ambassadors to perform a short talk about their job role and their progression through education to their current job/career.  We would like the talk to be engaging and highlight the main STEM subjects that helped the evolution of their chosen career.

Aims of the Event:

•             Afford the pupils an opportunity to ask questions – to find out and talk about - the range of jobs people do

•             Recognize the relevance of their learning particularly in STEM subjects and raise awareness of the skills required for different jobs

•             Raise awareness of jobs that the children may not be aware exist and inspire them to think about their future careers aspirations”

If you are willing to support this request, or you would like further information/to discuss, please contact Mrs Mitra Zohoorian at Letham Primary School directly,  

STEM Focus Week- Hermitage Park Primary School, Edinburgh 

Monday 1st April- Friday 5th April 2019

Teacher Nicola Binnie from Hermitage Park PS in Edinburgh is organising a STEM Focus week at the school from Monday 1st April to Friday 5th April 2019.

The school are looking for STEM Ambassadors from across the STEM subjects & disciplines that would be willing to come into the school and help run some fun and interesting workshops within the school.

If you can help, Nicola would love to hear from you- if you drop Nicola an email HERE

St Joseph’s Primary School, Kelty, FIFE.- Science Week – Monday 11th- Friday 15th March 2019

Class teacher Vanessa Anderson from St Joseph’s Primary School in Kelty is organising a Science Week for the school on the above dates.

She has a range of STEM activities taking place during the week, but is looking for any STEM Ambassadors who would be willing to support the school & their Science Week, either people who would be willing to speak to the children or do activities.

If you can help in any capacity, please get in touch with Vanessa

St Margaret’s RC Primary, Dunfermline, FIFE.  World of Work week – w/c Monday 20th MAY 2019

Depute Headteacher, Shona Gorman from St Margaret’s Primary in Dunfermline is organising a World of Work week at the school which will take place w/c 20th May 2019.

She is looking for any STEM Ambassador who would be willing to come out to the school during this week and speak to classes of children to tell them about their job, skills required and answer possible questions from the children.

If you can help please email Shona

Denny High School, Falkirk- S1 STEM Careers- Thursday 23rd May 2019

Denny High are once again holding their annual STEM Careers event for S1.   They had a great turn out last year from STEM Ambassadors.  

"We would like to invite you to take part in our “S1 STEM Careers” event at Denny High School on Thursday 23rd May. Our aim is to engage with a range of industries and employers to provide our pupils with an insight into potential career paths which we hope will help pupils to select relevant subjects.

We would like you to talk to our pupils about what your job involves, what you like or dislike about your job, whether you require specific qualifications or need to study certain subjects at school and how your job links with other STEM industries.

  • The event is running between 1:30pm and 4pm.

I understand that this is a busy time of year, however we would greatly appreciate your support and input. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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