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Holy Rood HS Edinburgh, Disaster Relief Challenge, Tuesday 25th June 2019

“Holy Rood High School in Edinburgh are once again holding their annual Disaster Relief Challenge on Tuesday 25th June, the day is all about the pupils working through challenges that they might be faced with when they find themselves in the hypothetical disaster zone. It is an all day event running from 8.40 until 3.25. We have 6 stations that the groups of pupils revolve around so that they all undertake each of the challenges, there is more information about them below. 

We are looking for between 12-18 STEM ambassadors to help out on the day and be at a station or working with the groups of children depending on the number we get. 

The 6 challenges are: 

Water transportation: connecting buckets to move water from one to the other

Shelter building- building a shelter

Fire building/food prep- building a small bonfire, cooking some food

Stretcher building- building a stretcher from old clothes and completing an obstacle course

Communication- using morse code to communicate

Translation Station - Translating a survival kit list. 

If there is a particular activity that you would be interested in helping out with please let me know and I will try my best to pair you up”.

Ideally the school are looking for anything between 12 -18 people to support this.

If you can help please email teacher Katherine Grant at Holy Rood HS

Rotary Club Technology Challenge Day - Tuesday 25th June 2019

We have received a request for STEM Ambassador Support for the Rotary Technology Challenge Day, which will take place at Dunfermline High School on Tuesday the 25th June 2019, from ~08:00 until 15:00. The challenge is to construct a crane from the materials provided. 

They are looking for one STEM Ambassador to be a judge on the day and six STEM Ambassadors to help the teams with their design and construction, ensuring that the pupils are on task, giving general advice and also helping to ensure Health & Safety at the Work Stations with the tools and equipment present. 

The event is being hosted at Dunfermline High, with multiple schools involved.

If you are willing and able to support this request, or would like more information, please email Brian Blanchflower, Youth & Schools Convener for the Rotary Club of Dunfermline.

Scottish Game Fair- Scone Palace 5th-7th July 2019

Iona Laing from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) is running the education tent at the Scottish Game Fair 5-7 July 2019 and is looking for STEM Ambassadors to support.

This year our theme is the upland environment and I am looking to present a central display showcasing what I have identified as 3 main areas including upland hill farms, bog and grass land and heath. Included in this I would like to have a number of interactive games to engage young people. Our visitors will be aged 4 up to at least 12. I would also like to showcase as much of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust scientific research techniques and results as I can. I have a few scientists on hand to help but I have a very limited supply of resources and wondered if any of your ambassadors might be able to help? My initial thoughts are to build a mound out of sand bags and create an upland environment within which will be all sorts of animal and bird recognition games, poo and vegetation, screens showing muirburn and other management techniques. Scientific research both being carried out and results. Also in the tent I hope to have separate displays from Peatland Action, SEFARI, Tweed Valley forum etc. If you are willing to support this request or would like further information, please contact Iona Laing directly, and she would be delighted to go into more detail and answer any questions you may have."

Click HERE to the Scottish Games fair website 

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